The greatest Union Pacific Big Boy documentaries ever made…

Super DVD!

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  • 1 DVD, all 25 Big Boys!
  • 95 minutes!

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3 DVDs!

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This is the core of all three Big Boy Steam options. This program features all 25 Big Boy locomotives, with archival footage of each!

…really exceptional imagery that’s never before been seen. The bottom line here is simply, “buy this program.” – Tom Kelcec, Railfan & Railroad Magazine

Two discs in one case. This is the history of the Big Boy locomotive, told through programs and film from the era!

Features a three part Union Pacific film “Last of the Giants” and a 1950s “Lucky Strike Theater” drama starring Ed Begley as a Big Boy engineer.

Only 25 were ever made, and several are still on display… and now one is being rebuilt to run!

This is the story of Big Boy 4014 leaving its California location for a trip, in honor, back to the Union Pacific’s Cheyenne Steam Shop. This is the future of the Big Boy!

Another look at Big Boys running in revenue service in the 1950s, but we also get to see other contemporary big steam power!

You’ll see all the famous steamers, real steam in real revenue service: Big Boys, Cab Forwards, Challengers & Daylights